SMS software for 3G modems

Desktop software

Bulk SMS Software
A reliable and low cost SMS tool to send messages to thousands of numbers at one go. Best used for SMS marketing, Sending Greetings, Announce Sales Promotions, Event Reminders, Generate Leads, taking Feedback, sending Reminders and for other personal and commercial usage.

FrontlineSMS (Open Source)
FrontlineSMS is award-winning free, open source software that turns a laptop and a mobile phone into a central communications hub. Once installed, the program enables users to send and receive text messages with groups of people through mobile phones.

Server software

Diafaan SMS Server
Easy to use, professional SMS software for Windows. Just add a 3G/GSM modem or SMPP account, select the method you want to use to integrate SMS in your IT system and your SMS gateway is ready to send and receive SMS messages.

Kannel (Open Source)
Kannel is a compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway, used widely across the globe both for serving millions of short messages (SMS) and pushing WAP service indications.

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